Life is a Journey


An impressive cloudscape over Zakynthos Harbour

Zakynthos Cloudscape over the Harbour

A Zakynthos Cloudscape over the harbour. Heading home after a day out we spotted this impressive cloudscape. The photo had to be taken!

Eat Well

Sourdough Bread - 4 loaf recipe

Sourdough Bread – 4 Loaf Family Bake

Here’s a simple home sourdough bread recipe which will make four large loaves in one go. Great for busy people who like sourdough every day.

Take a Camera

Canada geese at the lake

Canada Geese at the Lake

A sunny morning with a bit of mist over the water. The Canada Geese at the lake don’t mind as they guide recently hatched goslings breakfast.


Working from Home after Lockdown

After Lockdown – Keep on Working from Home!

As lockdown ends will you keep on working from home? For office workers the future of work may be…

Moments on our Journey – The Blog

Our “adventures”. Could be a good bite to eat, or a trip to South Africa, or anywhere in between. Come and join us.

Getting Technical

We carry all sorts of technology when we travel. Mobile phones, Kindles, laptops and more. But do we know how to use it well.