Life is a Journey


St Colmans Cathedral dominates the skyline at Cobh in Ireland

St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland

As you approach the town of Cobh, across the waters of Cork Harbour, St Colman’s Cathedral totally dominates the skyline.

Eat Well

Bic Homemade white bread.

Baking a Simple Loaf of Bread at Home (Sourdough)

Making a simple loaf of bread at home. We’re in lockdown and many are trying to home bake bread. It seems complicated. It’s easy! Read on…

Take a Camera

A fresh Red Rosebud in the green leaves

First Flower – A Red Rose

First flower. It’s spring! A spot of red in the green leaves and buds. .


Working from home for the first time in the Coronavirus lockdown? Here are a few tips.

Coronavirus Lockdown – Working from Home

Working from home. With the lockdown many are working from home for the first time. It’s not always as…

Moments on our Journey – The Blog

Our “adventures”. Could be a good bite to eat, or a trip to South Africa, or anywhere in between. Come and join us.

Getting Technical

We carry all sorts of technology when we travel. Mobile phones, Kindles, laptops and more. But do we know how to use it well.