Our Zakynthos cloudscape, spotted over the harbour in Zakynthos (Zante) rown.

Zakynthos Cloudscape over the Harbour

An incredible Zakynthos cloudscape over the harbour in Zakynthos (Zante) town.

On our trip to Zakynthos in 2019, we took a day away from the beach to visit Zakynthos town. Having had a wander around we toured the town in a road train.

A "five star" fish lunch turned out to be a disappointment. Not bad fish, but not as fresh as advertised, so a bit of a "tourist" rip-off

A stroll around a few of the streets was pleasant, ending with a walk along the harbour, aimng to catch a taxi near where we had arrived.

It was a hot day, and clearly a storm was building at sea. This cloudscape appeared, reflected in the harbour waters. The photo just had to be taken!

Zakynthos Cloudscape Photo Notes

While I normally carry my TZ100 compact, sometimes there’s a need for more. I took the photo with the Canon EOS 60D and Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. Raw processing in Darktable on Linux produced the final image.

Of course, bold shapes like this can make great black and white images.

Zakynthos cloudscape in black and white to show off the bold shapes.

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Zakynthos Cloudscape

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