Hermanus Travels – Whales and Seafood

Hermanus is a small town in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is known for the whale breeding season, during which it is a great spot for whale watching. We discovered that the Hermanus restaurants also serve great seafood, and that the local winelands produce some good wine.

Just Rocks and Sea at hermanus

Rocks and Sea on the South African Coast

Rocks and sea. One of those things you can just sit and watch all day. The sea breaking on…

In the winelands near Hermanus, this was our view over lunch.

House On A Hill In The Mist

A pretty scene of a house on a hill in the mists. Taken in the wine lands near Hermanus…

A View of Hermanus


Hermanus – A little gem of a holiday spot in the Western Cape, South Africa. A quick overview of…

Hermanus Wine Hoppers

Hermanus is not just about the sea and whales. There’s a thriving wine industry in the area. Join Hermanus…

Prawn starter at Bientang's Cave.

Bientang’s Cave Hermanus

I had heard about Bientang’s Cave Restaurant in Hermanus in South Africa’s Western Cape. I finally had the chance…

Watching Whales in Hermanus in 2010

The other day I saw a post about whale watching from beatravelling: Onshore Whale Watching. It reminded me of…

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My first visit to Hermanus, in 2010, was unplanned, but I managed to spend a weekend there right at the Whale Festival.

I decided that this was a place we should visit together. We achieved that in 2017, with friends.

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