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Apart from a day trip shopping in France some years ago I have only been to France once. That was a trip to the Lanquedoc-Rousillon area of France, near the historic city of Beziers. We stayed near Valras Plage, managing to see the historic citadel at Carcassonne, and drive through the area, also visiting Agde for a boat trip.

Our Visit

Fort de Brescu Lighthouse at Cap d'Agde in France

Lighthouse Fort de Brescu

The lighthouse on Fort de Brescu off Cap d’Agde in France. We took a day trip and did a…

Footsteps in the Sand at Blue Bayou beach, Valras Plage

Footsteps in the Sand after Sunrise

Late May in the Lanquedoc-Rousillon area of France can be windy and cold. But the sun shines. The sunsets…

Sunset at Portiragne Ouest, near Beziers in France.

Sunset by the Sea at Portiragne Plage Ouest

  Portiragne Plage Ouest Sunset on the Beach One evening on our trip to France we had an excellent…

The old walls of La Cité Carcassone, France

Old Stone Walls of La Cité – the Citadel, Carcassonne

A picture, in black and white, of the stone walls of the old city, La Cité, of Carcassonne in…

A big blue sky over Valras Plage in he South of France.

Big Blue Sky over Valras Plage

It’s a big, empty blue sky over Valras Plage on the Meditarranean coast off the South of France. Taken…

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