From the white and blue curves and domes of the architecture in the sunset at Oia, to the orange and green waters of Nea Kameni, the volcano, the Greek holiday islands of Santorini are a photographer's heaven. Check out the slide show on the right, but browse through more images of this beautiful place in the galleries below.

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The Santorini Galleries

Cruise ship passengers will know of the capital of Santorini, Fira, on the island of Thera where you go from the port (Skala) to the town up a steep cliff by cable car. The more adventurous may have ridden a donkey up the cliff, while the fitter visitors may have walked the many steep steps. Some visitors may have joined a day excursion to see the volcano and hot springs.
There is more to Santorini, which you will only find by visiting and staying for a while.

Enjoy these photos from our trip to this beautiful holiday spot.

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