A Trip to Switzerland

In 2018 we were very fortunate to do a week long trip to Switzerland.

Based in Les Moulins, near Gstaad we aere able to travel to the Montreux area and enjoy a train trip to Bern, as well as having a look around the Gstaad area.

Clouds over Lake Geneva at Perroy

Clouds over Switzerland

Photos from a trip to Switzerland. Interesting clouds over lake Geneva and the mountains, catching the sunset. And the…

Perroy – Hello Switzerland!

A few photos from Perroy Beach in Switzerland. Our flight’s approach offered glimpses of the lake. Now here we…

Sunset in the Mountains

In the mountains it is easy to forget, until you get there, that the sun effectively goes down behind…

Blue Mountains in France across Lake Geneva. Available as photo art


Just Mountains. In Switzerland. In Switzerland it’s hard to get away from the mountains. After all it is Switzerland….

Switzerland. Our trip to Switzerland in 2018.

Our Switzerland Itinerary

Our travel itinerary always develops as we go. Here’s our itinerary for our trip to Switzerland in 2018. Not…

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