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The London Eye in London, England

Wanderings in England

We call England home, but were not born there. We live in a very central spot in England, so…

Old Stone Building

Travels in Wales

Wales is a few hours drive from home. For us Wales has largely been about Tebny and the summer…

The old walls of La Cité Carcassone, France

Travels in France

Apart from a day trip shopping in France some years ago I have only been to France once. That…

Our base in the mountains in Switzerland at Les Moulins.

A Trip to Switzerland

In 2018 we were very fortunate to do a week long trip to Switzerland. Based in Les Moulins, near…

Zakynthos Town harbour. on the Greek Island of Zakynthos (Zante)

Travels to Greece

Who can resist the attraction of the Greek islands. Sunshine, warm waters and beautriful beaches. And don’t forget superb…

Charles Fort Kinsale


Home of my forefathers, Ireland is a country I have long wanted to visit. A 2014 weekend getaway to…

Durban Beachfront Bay of Plenty

Travels in South Africa

South Africa. Childhood holiday destination. Went to university there. Home for a short period. Now it’s a holiday destinations…

Travel Photo Galleries

A journey can be short, or world travel epic. I went there…

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 “Baby boomers”, “empty nesters”, “silver surfers”, call us what you will. We travel, when we can and where we can.

Maybe it’s just a local day trip, enjoying a meal and a walk by a canal. Perhaps it’s a long haul to Hermanus, or a quick week in Switzerland. Wherever it may be we enjoy finding places where we can do the out of the ordinary.

Life is a journey. We aim to enjoy it in nice places, eating good food. Join us on some of our travels.

Where do we Travel?

Living in England we take the opportunities we can make to see this land where we have made our home.

Family and roots take us to southern Africa from time to time.

Europe is a big attraction for an odd week or weekend away.

When do we travel?

Preferably when there are no tourists and holidaying families.

How do we travel?

At home we are not above spending a few hours in the car just to go somewhere different. The train is a good plan too, sometimes, especially when London is a short train ride away.

Budget airlines do feature, but thoughts are moving to more trains!

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Life is a Journey. Travels well.

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