The Camera in Your Hand

One of those moments. Early evening, and there’s an interesting picture of leading lines and people and a vanishing point. And my Canons are 10 miles away at home. But my mobile phone is in my pocket. It is said that the best camera for the job is the camera in your hand, in this case a Samsung Note 4.
Now I am not a great fan of mobile phone photography, much preferring the control and image quality of a Canon EOS. At my last mobile phone upgrade I made a point of getting my hands on the “big beast”, the Note 4 with its big screen and useful camera. It’s a very useful tool for many things, including document and business card scanning, but I still struggle to think of it as a camera.

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Santorini WineThis shot from Santorini earlier this year was a good example. Having just arrived, tired from an early start, we sat down for a bite of lunch. My camera was in the camera bag next to me. The hassle of getting it out would have spoilt the moment. Stopping the meal to set up the shot would not have been good. Again, my phone was handy, and let me grab in interesting shot.

If, like me, you tend to write off the phone as a camera, start making a habit of using the phone. It can make a good standby.

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