Panorama of South Beach in Tenby in Wales.

Tenby in Wales

A panorama of South Beach in Tenby in Wales

Now this is a set of firsts.

First visit Tenby in Wales;

First time I have posted an iPhone panorama;

First time I have posted from an iPad.

One way or another this is South Beach in Tenby, Wales on a beautiful morning.

I am in Tenby in Wales on holiday with family and friends. And with a new(ish) iPad and iPhone as well as my usual collection of DSLR and lenses. So I had to get out there before the crowds and try out the all the magic i stuff! An interesting experiment, actually, posting from the iPad via the WordPress app. Can’t say I am that excited about the app.

I am in Tenby in Wales – time to put the tech away and go to the beach…

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