Marathia Sunset.
The sun slipping into the sea off the Marathia Peninsula, Zakynthos

Marathia Sunset

A Marathia Sunset.

Why “Marathia”? Simply because the photo was taken from a boat off the Marathia Peninsula, or Cape Marathia, on the island of Zakynthos during our recent beach holiday there.

There is always something special about a sunrise or sunset. Otherwise why would we get up early for the sunrise, or talk about “sundowners”.

Going for a little cruise, in an open boat, on calm water has its own attraction.

Add the two together after a fantastic day in the sun, on the beach. What better way to see in the evening, especially if it includes a free glass or two of prosecco!

Soon after arriving at Kalamaki Beach we realised that this holiday was going to be about simply chilling out on the beach. But a cruise was an attractive thought. And who wants to pass up a sunset? So we jumped at the opportunity, found the travel rep and booked.

Starting from Laganas, and visiting the blue caves of Cape Marathia along the way it was a great way to start the evening.

And The Photo

I was carrying three cameras – my now deceased Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Lumix TZ100 and old gold EOS 60D. The 60D with the Sigma 17-50 did the job nicely. A bit of basic processing in XnView MP gave me the picture I wanted.

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Sunset in the mountains - taken in Saanen, Switzerland.

Sunset in the Mountains

Scrambled vapour trails reflecting the sunset at Saanen in Switzerland.

In the mountains it is easy to forget, until you get there, that the sun effectively goes down behind the mountains well before the proper sunset. A few clouds or vapour trails, and a view down the valley can produce a pretty good sunset view.

Taken in Saanen, Switzerland using a Lumix TZ100 during our 2018 visit to Gstaad.

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Just a pretty sunset

Weekly Photo: Pretty Sunset

Missed most of the spectacular sunset yesterday but caught this late bit of colour in the sky.
Involved in a local function, we were inside at sunset. I was very disappointed when I saw other peoples photos the next day. At least I caught this pretty sunset!
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Oia Donkeys

  Oia. Beautiful white buildings, blue seas, fantastic views. And donkeys.
Arrive at Oia by boat and you have two simple choices – ride a donkey to the top of the cliff or take on a vary steep walk up the cliff path.
Here, the donkeys are heading home as the day heads towards sunset. from 500px Oia Donkeys

Sunset at Portiragne Plage Ouest, near Beziers in France.

Sunset by the Sea at Portiragne Plage Ouest


A pretty orange sunset at the beach at Potiragne Plage Ouest.

via Instagram

Portiragne Plage Ouest Sunset on the Beach

Looking at the Portiragne Plage Ouest beach from the guingette.

A view of the beach from the guingette near sunset.

One evening on our trip to France we had an excellent tapas meal at a “guingette” on the beach at Portiragne Plage Ouest, near Beziers. The time of day was just right to catch the sunset.

All the locals referred to the restaurant as a “guingette”, translated as a “pop up restaurant”. It seems that this one, along with others we saw or visited have been there for a good few years. One way or another it was great to eat good food and drink wine right on the beach.

Sunset at the Lake photograph by Jeremy Hayde at Redbubble.

“Sunset at the Lake” by Jeremy Hayden | Redbubble

Sunset at the Lake photograph by Jeremy Hayde at Redbubble.

Sometimes you need to look behind and not a the sunset.
Here, the trees are lit by the sunset which is also lighting up the clouds in subtle colours.

Sunset at the Lake  The sunset is reflected in soft shades on the clouds over the water and trees. • Buy this artwork on home decor, stationery, bags, and more.

Source: "Sunset at the Lake" by Jeremy Hayden | Redbubble

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill Sunset.
We went to the windmill specifically to take photos in the sunset. As we drove there we could see the clouds coming up. Here’s what was left of the sunset by the time the sun actually went down. We did get some pretty good pictures around the windmill anyway.

from 500px Chesterton Windmill