Marylebone Station entrance, London

Marylebone Station

That’s the entrance to Marylebone Station from London, taking you out to Aylesbury and the surrounding area, or as far as Snow Hill in Birmingham.

Travelling via Bicester or Banbury we normally arrive in and depart from London via Marylebone, so we know the station pretty well. From Marylebone the underground delivers us quickly to the middle of London via the Bakerloo line. On a good day it can be almost quicker to walk to nearby Baker Street station, especially if we want to pick up an underground line other than Bakerloo.

Marylebone Station – A Bit of History

Marylebone opened in 1899 as the London terminus for the Great Central Main Line. In 1993, after problems and a threat of closure, it became the terminus for the Chiltern Main Line, run by Chiltern Railways.

Marylebone is the smallest and quietest of the London stations, though it does handle a growing amount of commuter traffic as towns to the North grow. Rush hour trains are frequently full.

Read more on the Wikipedia page.

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Waiting For A Train in the golden hour.

Waiting For A Train

Just waiting for a Chiltern Railways train at Banbury station.

Heading towards Birmingham for a day out, we arrived a bit early so had some time waiting for the train to arrive from Marylebone.

A little after the golden hour in winter, I saw the composition and liked it. The position of the sun and colours of the platform rendered the silhouettes hinting at fellow travelers. The sepia colouring is natural – no processing there – look at the red rail signal.

Waiting for a train. Posted on Instagram.

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