Breaking waves and ships near Durban

Breaking Waves and Ships

Breaking waves and ships on the horizon at Umhlanga

Breaking Waves and Ships

Here’s another take on the Breaking Waves post. This time the breaking waves and ships, which are visible on the horizon.

Umhlanga is close enough to Durban so that there is often shipping on the horizon waiting to enter Durban Harbour Nothing like just sitting on a beach watching the waves break, watching the ships on the horizon. Where have the ships been? Where are they going?
They don’t look big, but the force of waves and the backwash are strong.
Umhlanga, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

from 500px Breaking Waves and Ships

Photography Notes

Cropping a photo is an old photography technique, just made simpler by digital photography. On the other side of the coin, which crop do we want to display. i couldn’t decide, so I posted both.

Waiting for a bite. Fishing on the beach at Umhlanga Rocks.

Waiting for a Bite

A fisherman’s rod propped in the sand at Umhlanga, waiting for a bite.Gone fishing. A fisherman’s rod standing in the sand waiting for a bite. Ships on the horizon queue to get into Durban harbour. Incredible light on the whole scene as the sun attempts to get through the cloud cover.

Photos from our Durban Trip, 2016.

from 500px Waiting for a Bite


Durban Beachfron c 1966

What City is This?

So the question is What City is This?

Some may recognise these buildings. Suffice to say that I was there in about 1966, though obviously not in this picture. The flags may give it away to some.

One way or another, I will be in this city later today (7th October 2016). Old hunting grounds for me, I will be looking forward to seeing how it has changed over the years.

The photo, by the way, is part of a set taken by my Dad on a family holiday. We often went there when I was a youngster.