Pretty Urban Rainbow

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It’s a pretty urban rainbow, spotted as we arrived home, and captured on my trusty Samsung Note 4 mobile phone.
Actually the light was pushing the phone to the limit. A bit of processing in Snapseed on the phone helped, though it’s still much noisier than I would have liked. It’s actually a good example of a picture that looks good on the mobile phone but not so good on the computer screen. Oh well – should have carried a camera! At least I got the shot!
Beautiful Light on Green Leaves

Green Things

Beautiful Light on these Green Leaves. Buy this print.

It’s spring and there are lots of green things around. A bit of rain and the right light through the clouds  does wonders for a few interesting photos.

The green leaf is a new leaf on a strawberry plant which has just caught a bit of rain. the focus was carefully adjusted to keep the background out of focus with just one leaf left sharp. I just like the way the leaf glows in the afternoon light.

The hydrangea, below, is interesting. As the petals get older they go from pink to green. Here they have had a bit of rain and sun.

How to Take the Photo

The first part is to see the effect of the light on the leaves and water. A wide aperture narrows the depth of field to throw the background out of focus as much as possible, being careful to keep all of the details sharp. These were both shot handheld. Sometimes you will need a high ISO, or, even better, a tripod to capture natural light photos like this.

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Green things - strawberry leaves


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