A beach at Akrotiri in Santorini, Greece

Gallery Updates

On the beach at Akrotiri, looking towards Akrotiri itself.

Gallery Updates and Improvements

Sometimes a bit of housekeeping is necessary. It has been a while, so there have been no new posts for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you will see some improvements in this site’s performance.

Beach on Magaruque Island, Mozambique, at low tide.Some may have noticed some changes to the Home Page.

A Kudu Bull profile, in Hawange National Park, ZimbabweTake a look though. The galleries have had an update and have an improved look:

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Autumn Trees

Golden autumn leaves on the trees catching the sunset.

Well last week’s storm made short work of those golden leaves. When I visited the lake this morning it is mainly bare branches. Here’s a different composition of the same autumn colours catching the sunset and reflected in the lake.

At least it leaves something warm to look at as the weather cools and we drop into what the weather forecasters are telling us will be a very cold winter.

Reflections in the Oxford Canal on a summer evening.

Reflections in the Canal

Reflections in the Canal

What is it about reflections in water?

It must have something to do with the human affinity for water, but there is always something very peaceful about watching reflections in the water of a lake or river, or, as in these pictures the waters of the Oxford Canal.

Summer, especially a great hot summer like the one England is experiencing is always a good time to get the camera out and take it for a walk.

Have a look at some more water reflections at my Artist Websites site.

An old bridge reflected in the Oxford Canal near Aynhio in Oxfordshire.
A reflection in the water of the Oxford Canal. Even the moon sneaked into the reflection.
Canal View - A timeless view along the Leed - Liverpool Canal at Shipley Wharf.

Canal View at Shipley Wharf

At the end of the 19th century the view along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal would probably be a lot more smoggy, with smoke coming from the chimneys and more narrow boats going about the serious business of transporting goods for sale. Otherwise it may well have looked much like this.

On a business trip with a colleague, we found ourselves staying in Shipley, right opposite the Shipley Wharf. A summer’s evening offered a great opportunity for a walk along the canal to Saltaire and back.

In the mid-19th century Sir Titus Salt developed the area, to consolidate his textile production, by establishing Saltaire Mill, with a village to house his workers. His legacy, now offices and a museum next to the River Aire makes an interesting spot to walk and research.

All Over the UK

Canal views like this exist all over the UK. In the cities and towns there are many sights like this, where the narrow boats used to tie up to load and unload freight.

Today the narrow boats and canals form a leisure activity with many spots featuring pubs and other attractions, like the Camden Lock.

As the canals move through the countryside, they make for some pretty photos, like these on the Oxford Canal.

Just head out and take a walk along the canals!

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