Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales under clouds

Tenby Under Clouds / 500px

Source: Tenby Under Clouds / 500px

Tenby in Pembrokeshire

Tenby in Pembrokeshire is perhaps my favourite seaside holiday spot in the UK. It’s one of those places where you can choose central accommodation, park the car and walk to the beautiful beaches and some great restaurants. on this particular trip we took a boat across to Caldey Island. On the way we were presented with this picture. Good Memories.

Tenby colours. The many colours of the buildings contrast with the colours of the boats in the harbour.

Tenby Colours

Tenby colours never cease to amaze me. Walk down many of the streets in the “old” (or tourist oriented!) Tenby and the visitor will see the many shades of pink, blues and yellows which have been used  to paint the buildings. It’s a pretty place to visit.

A sunrise walk on Tenby North Beach at low tide makes access to the harbour easy. The photo at the top of this page was taken soon after sunrise with the tide not fully out. The bright colours of the boats look great against the old stone buildings of the harbour and the coloured buildings above.

On a cloudy morning, these are the colours of the Tenby Harbour.

The colours of Tenby on the harbour are a classic photo on many a calendar. Here’s one I captured on my last visit, again taken soon after sunrise, but from a higher viewpoint.

If you haven’t read my previous posts, Tenby is a popular summer holiday destination in Pembrokeshire in Wales, UK.

Photography Prints
Sunset Tenby Street - Photography Prints from Jeremy Hayden Photography

Sunset Tenby Street

Sunset, Tenby

A Sunset Tenby Street
© 2013 hairy1travels.com / Jeremy Hayden Photography

We found a sunset Tenby street. Sometimes a holiday trip and photography collide. There we were walking down the street looking for a bite of dinner. And there was the sunset. The colours of the sunset complimented the street so well, this was a picture that just had to happen.

For the photography fans, yes it did take a bit of post-processing, but I like the shot anyway.



Tenby Harbour in the morning light

Tenby Holiday

Tenby Harbour
© 2013 hairy1travels.com
Also at Tenby art on Fine Art America

So a week ago we “crossed the border” into Wales over the Severn Bridge (old one), arriving at Tenby in ti

The Old Severn Bridge at Bristol, on the way to Tenby

The Old Severn Bridge, en route to Tenby
© 2013 hairy1travels.com

me to have a drink on the beach  before heading for a fish and chips dinner. Tenby is on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

Tenby is an interesting place. With early records traced to sometime in the 9th century, it was a walled town with a castle in the 13th century. The Victorians developed Tenby into a holiday resort. Boasting a couple of pretty good beaches it proved to be a great spot to enjoy some summer sunshine.

Despite a booking mix-up (our fault) we were made very welcome at the Clement Dale Guest House by Trevor and Ros Wood. Breakfasts – traditional English bacon and eggs were great! The guest house is well situated with South Beach a couple of blocks in one direction and the walled town a couple of blocks in the other. In fact the whole area was perfect for an early morning walk with the camera every morning.

Apart from some almost perfect summer weather, I will remember sitting in the dark in sight and sound of the sea, drinking wine and eating fish and chips from long established local chippy Fecci and Sons.

Thinking of a holiday, or just a few days getaway? Give Tenby a thought. It is a few hours drive away, but easily accessible by train from most of the UK.

More photos at Jeremy Hayden Photography and Flickr.

Tenby also has an entry on Wikipedia as well as a Visitor Guide.