Plump Pigeon enjoying a spring evening

Plump Pigeon in The Sun and Digital Zoom

A plump pigeon comfortable on his perch in the afternoon spring sunshine.

This guy was totally not fussed about me getting closer with the camera.

Actaully there was a particular reason for the shot. In good light I wanted to test the digital zoom on the LUMIX TZ100 camera. Digital zoom is not something I am normally very keen to use. Essentially it is a cropping of the original image carried out in camera. On most cameras which I have used in the past, it’s better to process the raw image and do the crop in post processing. The in-camera process reduces image quality.

On the TZ100 I have been surprised by the digital zoom results. Judge for yourself. This hasn’t been printed yet, but I will get it done at some point.

Settings: f/6.3 (sweet spot on this lens, it seems) 1/125 s, 35mm zoom equivalent of 500mm – optical zoom goes to 250mm, so it’s 2x digital zoom. The camera will handle up to 1000mm equivalent.

Industrial Robin on a bin

Industrial Robin Red Breast

Industrial robin outside a factory

It is amazing where you will find the little robin. I saw this little guy at work. Outside in a break area, he was right at home wlaking around people’s feet and picking up scraps. The location is an industrial park in the UK. All concrete and machinery and people, with the odd bush or small tree around. Far removed from a nice urban garden.

I did look but didn’t find a nest.

Not having any alternative, these photos were taken with a mobile phone. Which shows just how tame this little guy is!

Big Cheshire sky one spring morning.

Big Cheshire Sky

Big Cheshire sky one spring morning.

Beautiful spring sky over Cheshire one morning.

from 500px Big Cheshire Sky

Big Cheshire Sky

A beautiful spring morning in Cheshire, looking over a golf course at Mottram Hall Hotel in Macclesfield.
I stayed in Macclesfield on a trip. As I was leaving the hotel I was presented with this view, and really had no choice but to grab my phone and take the shot. Wish I had had a camera with me.

Photo Details

Taken on a Samsung Note 4 and processed in Snapseed on the phone.

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Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens

The Snowdrops are Out

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens on the opening day of 2017
via Instagram

There we were, sitting enjoying Saturday brunch. Remarkably, given the recent gloomy, cold overcast weather, the sun came out. We decided a walk in the woods was good idea. I have to say that the African in me balked a bit at going outside in cold with no rugby to watch!
Evenley Wood Garden is one of those places. Pretty, a nice spot to be in, but it's less than 3 miles away, so you never go there. A quick check on the Internet showed that Saturday was Evenley's opening day for 2017. And the snowdrops were out.
After the wet weather the gardens are a bit muddy and slippery. As it is early in the season there are not many flowers to see, but it is still a lovely spot to take an afternoon walk. A few people seemed to agree, as we were not the only ones there.
An excellent cup of coffee and some cake topped off the afternoon in the little tea room.
Evenley Wood Gardens is definitely a spot we will be visiting again. Especially as the flowers bloom. And we saw the snowdrops!


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These two pictures were taken with the Samsung Note 4 and processed in Snapseed. More to come once I edit the DSLR shots.

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A Walk in Evenley Wood Gardens

A cool day in February, but the sun came out and made it a cool but pleasant day.
&via Instagram

Morning on an empty beach at Umhlangs Rocks

Morning on an Empty Beach

Morning walk on am empty beach, with Durban on the horizon.

A morning walk on a beautiful beach at Umhlanga Rocks, kwaZuluNatal, South Africa.

It could almost be a desert island. Look closely at the horizon – that’s Durban, with a ship leaving harbour. Nice illusion, but still great to walk along the beach in the morning, all alone, with just the sound of the sea.

from 500px Morning on an Empty Beach

One tree under a cloudy sky

Just One Tree

Just One Tree and a Cloudy Sky

Just one tree rising into a cloudy sky

It’s just one tree. In a field. On a farm.

On a windy day, with rain definitely on its way, we decided to take a walk to a neighbouring village. Why? Just because we felt like it, and needed a bit of exercise. The route uses a public path through a nearby farmer’s fields with a number of tall trees providing a bit of protection from the wind for the herd of sheep in the field.

Now there is somehow something special about a tall old tree, which just begs to be photographed. The effect of the fluffy clouds and blue sky in the background just enhanced the picture. Processed in black and white to emphasise the shapes and cloud textures, it becomes a strong and fairly dramatic one tree picture.

Off the subject for the moment, I notice a number of colleagues producing good black and white photography suddenly. I wonder if it has something to do with a cold and windy winter, with no mitigating factors like snow to make for some interesting photography.

Oh! Yes, we did get home before it rained!

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