Backlit Orchid in the spring morning sunshine

Backlit Orchid in the Spring Sunshine

A beautifully coloured orchid with the spring morning sunshine lighting it from behind.

Orchid Lit from Behind by Spring Sunshine

As spring develops the big trees behind our house gather their summer foliage. The morning sun is normally hidden behind the trees. For a few weeks in March and April the last minutes of the sunrise golden hour light up the lounge. This orchid was well placed with the sun behind, allowing the colours and textures to stand out.

Photo Notes

Shot with the 70-300mm lens on the Canon EOS 60D, taking advantage of the high ISO capability and image stabilisation.

Orchid in Black and White

Monochrome Orchid

A pretty orchid in colour can look pretty good in black and white.

Orchid in Black and White

Sometimes even colourful pretty flowers can look good in black and white. Here’s a monochrome orchid catching the morning sunlight through a lounge window.

The key to black and white is often the markings and texture of the subject. In this instance the shapes and markings on the flower made it a good conversion.

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See the light just right on these orchid flowers.

See the Light

The light falling just right on these white orchid flowers.

Photography is about using the light. It takes practice and experience to see the light on a subject in the way the camera will do. But sometimes it just comes together. I could see the light on these white orchids, coming from a large window facing the morning sun. There was a clear contrast between the direct sunlight and the rest of the flowers, offering both a nice backlit view and an interesting contrast between the orange interior and the white flower.
The 17-50 zoom lens allowed me to get close enough for a reasonable composition. The top photo was the result. A smaller aperture let me capture a sharp picture. The position of the light gave a nice texture to the flower petals contrasted with the orange centres.
Opening the lens to f/2.8 and going to the other side of the flower gave me a backlit view with the background nicely blurred. Desaturated in GIMP, and masked to let the orange through finished the shot below.

Camera Gear

This was shot with a Canon EOS 450D with the Sigma 17-50mm OS EX lens. It is not a macro shot, just as close as I could get with the Sigma.


White and orange orchid flowers

White orhid flowers with orange centres