A crab on a beach in black and white. Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.

Black and White Crab

Taking a slight break from South African holiday posts, I wasDoing a bit of black and white work with this crab, shot in Mozambique a couple of years ago.
In these days of high colour digital photography it is easy to forget about black and white photography. An image with a bold shape and interesting texture is often a good choice for black and white. It should also have black, white, and avoid range of shadow in between.
I rather like this one! In fact I prefer it to the original, which you can see in the original post.
While the original processing was done on Darktable on Linux, the black and white conversion was done on Snapseed on the iPad 3. That’s a combination I really like.
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Orchid in Black and White

Monochrome Orchid

A pretty orchid in colour can look pretty good in black and white.

Orchid in Black and White

Sometimes even colourful pretty flowers can look good in black and white. Here’s a monochrome orchid catching the morning sunlight through a lounge window.

The key to black and white is often the markings and texture of the subject. In this instance the shapes and markings on the flower made it a good conversion.

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