A pretty swan on the local lake.

Swan on the Lake – with a Photo Tip

Digging through some older photographs, I came across this one of a swan on the lake.

Spring and summer can often bring swans to the lake. They always make pretty sight, somehow very calming as they elegantly swim along.

Swan on the Lake – Photo Tip

Capturing the image can, however, be tricky. The reflection of the swan in the rippling water is great. in full colour it is very “busy” with all of the reflections in green water. Rather than take it to a full black and white image I like to desaturate the image until there is just a hint of the stronger colours left. Look at the swan’s beak.

Photography Prints

One to Pin to your boards

Swan on the Lake. Pin this to your boards.
Sunset at the Lake photograph by Jeremy Hayde at Redbubble.

“Sunset at the Lake” by Jeremy Hayden | Redbubble

Sunset at the Lake photograph by Jeremy Hayde at Redbubble.

Sometimes you need to look behind and not a the sunset.
Here, the trees are lit by the sunset which is also lighting up the clouds in subtle colours.

Sunset at the Lake  The sunset is reflected in soft shades on the clouds over the water and trees. • Buy this artwork on home decor, stationery, bags, and more.

Source: "Sunset at the Lake" by Jeremy Hayden | Redbubble

Blurred grey heron - wrong autofocus setting

That Grey Heron

Here’s an unusual angle on a grey heron, just after it took off.
I have been trying to catch a decent photo of this guy  for a while, with limited success. Having watched him for a bit on the other side of the lake, he suddenly launched himself, giving me this shot.
Sadly the auto focus was set for the centre spot. Now a fisherman can talk about the one that got away. Sometimes a photographer can show the one that didn’t get in focus, below.

What happens when your autofocus is not set correctly!