Looking over the Glanmire Valley towards Cork, under a full moon.

After the Party Glanmire Under a Full Moon

The Airbnb where we we staying in Glanmire (Cork in Ireland) was in a beautiful spot looking over the Glanmire Valley. We had gone to Cork for a friend’s landmark birthday party.

Like all good birthday parties it finished late. As we arrived at the Airbnb we were greeted with this view, under a full moon, looking towards Cork. Despite a little vodka I was able to grab the shot.

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St Colmans Cathedral dominates the skyline at Cobh in Ireland as we approach across Cork Harbour.

St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland

St Colman’s Cathedral totally dominates the skyline in Cobh, in Ireland.

We recently visited Cork in Ireland for a long wekend. On our last visit, some years ago, we explored Kinsale and Charles Fort. This time we decided to investigate the little town of Cobh (pronounced like Cove).

Located on the Great Island in Cork Harbour, the town is a fascinating place with some interesting history. Actually we found it interesting enough to visit two days in a row. After all it’s only 20 minutes drive from Glanmire, where we stayed.

While we were there we visited Spike Island (more to come on that trip). As we returned across Cork Harbour, this view of Cobh greeted us, with the town dominated by St Colman’s Cathedral.

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Charles Fort Kinsale

Charles Fort in Ireland

Charles Fort in Summer Cove Kinsale

A long weekend recently offered an ideal opportunity to take a weekend getaway to somewhere we haven’t been before and get together with old friends. We went to Cork in Ireland and spent the weekend wandering around the Cork area. One of the first places we visited was Charles Fort, near Kinsale. Although I gave up history in early school years, the history of various buildings, castles, etc., in Europe fascinates me, and, of course, requires photos.

Visiting Charles Fort

Charles Fort is in the village of Summer Cove on Kinsale Harbour in County Cork, Ireland. It is easily reached on the country roads, and, coupled with a visit to the town of Kinsale, with it’s gourmet reputation and great food, makes a good day out. Entry to the fort is subject too a charge, however we walked around the outside as we were not there for long.

The road to Charles Fort takes you past the colourful Bulman Bar and Restaurant, possibly a good refreshment stop.

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Charles Fort History

Charles Fort was built in the late 17th century to defend the entrance to Kinsale harbour, along with James Fort, on the other side of the river. Besieged and taken by the English in the Williamite Wars, it remained in use as an army barracks for two centuries. It is now an Irish National Monument and has been partly restored.

Interestingly an earlier construction on the site, Ringcurran Castle, played a part in an early 17th century conquest of the area by a joint Spanish / Irish army.

Wikipedia offers some information (click on the link).

Photo Notes

Weekend getaways with friends offer a challenge to the photographer. You are there at that time and have to make the best of the prevailing light and weather with limited gear. My solution is to bracket and shoot raw. Back on the computer this leaves a range of processing options available. These pictures were processed as single raw HDRs in Luminance HDR.