summertime - a busy bee in a flower

Summertime – Flowers and Bees

Summertime. In the countryside. On a sunny day. Just sit back and listen to the buzzing of the bees as the flit from flower to flower collections pollen. I was there with my camera (Lumix TZ100).

Beautiful Flowers - some tulips

Beautiful Flowers – Tulips

A pretty bunch of tulips in a flower arrangement.

Beautiful Flowers – Tulips

I saw this arrangement of tulips just begging to be photographed. Here’s the result.

Photo Notes

I didn’t have a camera with me, so these flowers had to be captured with my trusty Samsung Note mobile phone. Processed in the device with Snapseed.


Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens

The Snowdrops are Out

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens on the opening day of 2017
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There we were, sitting enjoying Saturday brunch. Remarkably, given the recent gloomy, cold overcast weather, the sun came out. We decided a walk in the woods was good idea. I have to say that the African in me balked a bit at going outside in cold with no rugby to watch!
Evenley Wood Garden is one of those places. Pretty, a nice spot to be in, but it's less than 3 miles away, so you never go there. A quick check on the Internet showed that Saturday was Evenley's opening day for 2017. And the snowdrops were out.
After the wet weather the gardens are a bit muddy and slippery. As it is early in the season there are not many flowers to see, but it is still a lovely spot to take an afternoon walk. A few people seemed to agree, as we were not the only ones there.
An excellent cup of coffee and some cake topped off the afternoon in the little tea room.
Evenley Wood Gardens is definitely a spot we will be visiting again. Especially as the flowers bloom. And we saw the snowdrops!


Flower Photography

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These two pictures were taken with the Samsung Note 4 and processed in Snapseed. More to come once I edit the DSLR shots.

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A Walk in Evenley Wood Gardens

A cool day in February, but the sun came out and made it a cool but pleasant day.
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Autumn roses - pretty pink roses

Autumn Roses

It’s November and these roses are still blooming.

These roses are the first thing I see when I go outside in the morning. They have produced a few nice photos in the past. I am fascinated by the fact that it is now mid-November and they are blooming! look up and the sun is backlighting the autumn colours of the leaves on a big tree. Is this global warming?
On the technical side this was shot and posted on my mobile phone.