Night Arrival Birmingham for a City Break

After a quick 1 hour train ride from Banbury after work, we arrived in Birmingham for a city break. Actually we had decided to go to the German Market, on Friday to avoid the Saturday crowds. This was the first time I had seen the new New Street station in Birmingham. Very impressive after its rebuild!

Big Wheel in Birmingham

The Big Wheel in the English Market area in Birmingham.

Here are a couple of night shots of the big wheel in Birmingham and a shot of the lights from the big wheel. 

Watch this space. More German market photos to come. As soon as I have done a bit of editing!

Photo Note

All of the pictures in this post were shot with a Samsung Note 4, edited in Snapseed and resized in Photo Editor.

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Birmingham at Night

A quickly grabbed shot from the Big Wheel in the English Market area of the Frankfurt German Market.