Happy Cat in the sun

Happy Cat in the Sun

Happy cat, Nibbles, enjoying the sunshine, in her favourite “summer spot” in the garden.

Happy Cat

My cat loves the warm weather. She has a couple of spots picked out in the garden to make the best of the sun, or even shelter in the shade when the sun gets too hot.

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Beaten up by her lunch!

Embarrassed Cat

Beaten up by her lunch! See more photos at Flickr!
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Too slow to catch the real action, but in time to catch one very embarrassed cat.

I heard a couple of birds making the noise that they only make when something is threatening them. In fact a blackbird and his mate had backed the cat against a wall and were taking it in turns to dive bomb her and “shout” at her.

The blackbird lunch.
The blackbird lunch.
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It would appear the she felt like a bit of fresh meat for lunch, but her prey bit back.
It’s said that cats kill many animals when nobody can see them. This cat probably doesn’t offer a huge threat to the rest of the natural world!