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Archipelago Colours Tote Bag for Sale by Jeremy Hayden

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Bands of green shallow seas and blue deep channels off Vilanculos in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique (hence the “Archipelago Colours” title).

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Magaruque Island. Island life on the beach.

Island Life in the Indian Ocean

Island life by the sea with a fantastic cloudscape. This was taken at Magaruque Island soon after high tide in the morning.

Island Life – Love to be there now

A sample of island life in the Bazaruto Archipelago, on Magaruque Island to be exact. I just added this picture to the collection, though I don’t know how it was missed in the first place.

This blog seems to have become dominated by pictures from our Christmas Mozambique jaunt. It’s been a hectic year, with little time for photography, though there are still a few to be edited from Nerja and local events. The Vilanculos area of Mozambique is just so photogenic, and it was a superb holiday. I am still editing some of the selection of photos taken.

Enjoy this one, taken just as we arrived, having travelled across from Archipelago Resort in the rain!

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Interestin colours in the sea as the tide gouse out at Vilanculos.

Colours of the Low Tide

As the tide changes in the seas of the Bazaruto Archipelago, sand is revealed in some places. The various depths of water display some interesting colours.

At Vilanculos, looking over the sea at low tide. The low tide lightens the colour of the sea, showing dry sand in many places. The deep channels remain a deep turquoise / blue colour. Sometimes it looks as if you could walk to the islands.

Many photographers looking at this shot will immediately think “polariser”. That’s what I as soon as I saw the picture. A dig in my camera bag unearthed the Cokin mounts. But no filters! The filters were back in the UK, after I did a last minute camera bag change! It just shows – check your kit, and check it again!

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Here’s a similar picture with a sail.

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Crab in the Surf at Magaruque.

Crab in the Surf

Taking a walk around the beautiful Magaruque Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago.
These crabs head off into the surf and just disappear.

Here’s a crab in the surf from the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique.

As you walk along the open sea side of the island there are many of these crabs which scuttle into the surf, and then seem to disappear in the next wave. I still don’t know if they are just washed away, or simply looking for food on the sea bottom. There is no shortage of crabs on the beach, suggesting that they come back on the incoming tide?

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First and Last Sunrise - Vilanculos, Mozambique

First and Last Sunrise

First and last sunrise. First I saw in 2016 and the last of our holiday.

First sunrise because it was the first I saw in 2016 (definitely not awake for a 4:30 sunrise on New Year’s Day!!).
Last sunrise because it was, sadly, the last morning of our little trip to Archipelago resort in Vilanculos, Mozambique.

Holiday accommodation with a view of the sea is always a big plus. A view of the sea, facing east just makes it so much better as the sun rises. Sunrise at 4:30 in the morning, however, can be an issue when it comes to getting up early and grabbing the camera. I did catch a couple of sunrises though.

See more sunrises in the gallery.

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