Autumn Trees

Golden autumn leaves on the trees catching the sunset.

Well last week’s storm made short work of those golden leaves. When I visited the lake this morning it is mainly bare branches. Here’s a different composition of the same autumn colours catching the sunset and reflected in the lake.

At least it leaves something warm to look at as the weather cools and we drop into what the weather forecasters are telling us will be a very cold winter.

Golden autumn sunset on a cloudy day

Golden Autumn Sunset behind the Trees

Clouds catching the golden light of the sunset as the sun sets behind silhouetted trees.
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A Golden Autumn Sunset

It seems our extended British summer has finally succumbed to some cold winds, overcast skies and rain. That means more time to catch up on the year’s photo processing, and less time outdoors with the camera.

Here’s an autumn sunset taken a few weeks ago at the local lake. We tend to think of a sunset photo including the sun, but if there are a few clouds around they will reflect the sunset colours for some time and can make for some very colourful pictures. It’s a matter of keeping an eye on the sky and waiting. On this particular day the scattered cloud in an otherwise clear sky suggested some sunset photography possibilities.

Something warm to look at through the winter?