Working parts of a beautiful old steam traction engine.

Steam Traction Engine – A Bit of the Past in Yorkshire

I spotted this beautiful old, obviously restored, steam traction engine at the BBC Countryfile Live show at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. These big old machines are fascinating, especially when compared to modern machinery.

The badge and logo on the engine show that Marshal Sons & Co., produced the original engine. This company traces its roots back to 1848 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Into the 20th century, Marshall Sons & Co became involved in the production of steam traction engines. They also produced other types of steam engines, eventually moving to internal combustion engine based tractors and all kinds of industrial equipment. At one point they even produced an aeroplane!

Thresher being driven by a steam engine

The steam traction engine belt drive is running a thresher, apparently produced by William Foster & Co. That’s another Lincolnshire company with its roots in the 19th Century. William Foster also produced tanks during and after the First World War.

A steam Traction engine at Howard Castle - BBC Countryfile Live

The two companies I have mentioned here eventually merged with bigger organisations. Their names disappeared over time, except on historic machines like this tractor and thresher.

Modern farming equipment may be impressive but the glamour and beauty of these old machines remains.

A Steam Engine Pin for your boards

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