Sourdough bread just out of the oven.
That's the bread!

Sourdough, Coffee and SEO

Only one, recent, post in some time. But it has been a busy few weeks, full of sourdough bread, coffee and SEO..

The Sourdough Journey

The big activity has been the start of a new journey, a journey into the making of sourdough bread. That’s real bread! Beats the stuff you buy from the supermarket by a long way.

Sourdough bread is, arguably, the original bread. It’s a bread making method which dates back millennia. More importantly, it’s a pure form of bread which doesn’t contain additives and chemicals.

It’s great to eat. It’s fun to make! But it is a bit of a learning curve.

And Don’t Forget the Coffee

Espresso coffee on the way with Brett's Own Brews.
That's the coffee in sourdough, coffee and SEO.
Making Espresso coffee with Brett’s Own Brews

We have also been spending time with the guys from Brett’s Own Brews with some interesting coffee plans for the summer. It’s going to be a busy summer!

Check out the Brett’s Own Brews website. If you’re at one of those events, drop in and grab a cup of coffee.

Getting The SEO Right

Getting the SEO on target. That's the SEO part of bread coffee and SEO.

And, of course, sometimes a bit of website maintenance is in order. In this case getting AMP to work and reviewing the general SEO state of this site. There’s plenty still do, but it’s looking good!

More to Come…

Watch this space, there’s bound to be more to say on all of these.

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  1. I made my own, per Paul Hollywood’s book, Bread. Sealed jar for three days, then frequent feeds. I started baking too early and had some tasty, flat loaves, but it is really getting up to strength. Keeps trying to climb out of the jar!

    I bake a couple of times a week, so no opportunity for the starter to get tired.
    I also keep discards for pancakes, etc. so always have a backup which can be fed.

    There a re a few bakeries available to us, but none that make decent sourdough less than 45 minutes drive each way. But maybe it’s in the blood – my grandfather was a baker.

  2. Did you use commercial starter, starter from someone else who bakes, or did you use the “exposure” method, to capture airborne yeast? I used to bake my own, until I gained access to an all-organic bakery.

    BTW, remember to refresh your starter now and then; it loses potency over time.

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