Web Hosting with SiteGround

Web Hosting with SiteGround

Many people these days are looking to build a website. If it's any more than a basic site, that means employing a web hosting service. Look no further than SiteGround.
There are many aspects to web hosting, but there are always three basics:

  1. Web hosting performance. The site must be up and fast. There's nothing worse than a sluggish site which is down half the time;
  2. Support. When you need support, you need effective and immediate support. Things do not always go right, and sometimes it needs an expert to fix it;
  3. Security. Your site is yours. You do not need some intruder hacking it and stealing information.

Once those three are in place, most users can simply get on with creating great content and showing it off to the world.

Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? Cloud hosting, perhaps, or enterprise hosting? No problem - SiteGround can deliver.

Best of all SiteGround will also give you managed WordPress hosting on all of its platforms. With a free migration service for your existing site. It works - click on this link to see my experiences: Web Hosting Migration to SiteGround

Looking for something more - hosting plans forΒ  Drupal, Joomla and Magento are also available.

Interested? Keep reading...

Best of all SiteGround hosting comes at great start-up discount, with a money-back guarantee.

Don't waste time, follow the instructions below and Sign Up

Hosting Update - March 2018

It has been a year of using SiteGround\'s WordPress hosting. And I have just renewed for another year!

Need I say more - the experience has been good. A few problems were resolved quickly and with no fuss.

And the site is faster than ever.

Don\'t hang around. Sign up with SiteGround and get the best hosting around!

Sign Up with SiteGround with These Instructions

Step 1 Select The Service for your needs

First, simply select the hosting which is best for you:

  • The StartUp plan is great for if you have one site less than 10GB (most are!) and up to 10,000 visitors per month. Probably the majority of bloggers and site owners will need this option. And you can upgrade later and keep what you have spent to get started.
  • GrowBig is the option if you have more than one site, or a big site, or up to 25,000 monthly visitors. This may well be one of the best priced web hosting options around!
  • GoGeek for up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

Click on the picture below, and then click on the "Get Started" button for your choice.

Sign up with SiteGround web hosting - step 1

Sign up with SiteGround - step 1 - choose the best web hosting option for your needs.


Step 2 - Choosing your Domain

Now you have a choice:

  • Choose a domain;
  • use an existing domain and take advantage of the transfer facility.

Feeling a bit uncertain at this stage? I know I was! Do as I did and click on the "Live Chat" link at the top of the page to discuss this with SiteGround support.

Sign up with SiteGround web hosting. Choosing your domain.

Sign up with SiteGround - step 1 - choose the best web hosting option for your needs.

Step 3 - Review your choices and complete the process

Now all that remains is to complete the process:

Sign up with SiteGround web hosting - step 3 - complete

Sign up with SiteGround web hosting.
Step 3 - Review and complete the process - and your web site will be complete

Step 4 - Build your site

If you chose a new domain, all you need to do is build your website. SiteGround offers a number of getting started tutorials. Read a few of those first, or jump in and build some great content.

If you have chosen to migrate a site, SiteGround will notify you when the transfer is complete. They offer a complete and clear set of instructions on what you need to do.

And welcome to one the best, if not THE best, hosting available at the price!