Seashell on a sunny beach on the Isle of Wight,

Seashell on a Sunny Beach

A seashell on a sunny beach, washed by the waters of the rising tide.The patterns cast by the sun shining through the moving seawater caught my eye, to produce this image.

Sunny summer days on a beach. The eye is drawn to the landscape of blue sky and sea, and maybe the beach.

Sometimes there are great images to be found by just looking down and catching the detail, This seashell caught my eye, highlighted by the patterns made by the sun and the movement of the water.

I found this image on Ryde Beach on the Isle of Wight during a visit a few years ago.

This image forms part of my Isle of Wight Collection on Here’s one of my favourite versions, in the form of a coffee cup.

An 11 or 15 oz seashell coffee mug from jeremy-hayden.pixels,com

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