Seagull Flying Low

A seagull flying low over the beach and catching the morning sun.

I saw this seagull flying along the beach, while I was standing on the cliff edge in Tenby. Sometimes standing on the cliff, in this case looking on to Tenby South Beach, provides a great photographic vantage point. My position allowed me to catch the gull as it flew past.
It looks as if a few people have been taking advantage of the low tide and taking an early morning walk along the beach. By the tyre tracks it looks like the clean-up squad have been in action or the lifeguards have been doing a patrol.
In terms of the photography, shots like this are a bit of luck and being in the right place at the right time. This one did take a bit of processing, which left a glow around the bird. I rather like that. I also like the almost minimalist approach, with just the seagull and a few patterns on the sand.


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