Round Beach Towel

Now there’s something I hadn’t seen before: a ROUND beach towel. More to the point a round beach towel with a beautiful photo printed on it.
Along with a bunch of other beach gear they are available now from my prints on demand site.

60 inches wide, these are high quality products delivered by Fine Art America. They are made of a plush micro-fibre with a 100% cotton backing. Great for picnics, a day on the beach or just chilling at home.

Best of all you will stand out with a round beach towel, especially as the pictures are unique.

Click on one of the samples below now, and then browse the selections available on my site.

Round beach towel - Brook Bay chalk cliffsRound Beach Towel - Crab on the BeachRound Beach Towel desorated Pebbles on the BeachSeashell sand and sunlight - round beach towelRound Beach Towel - Magaruque sailboat

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