Red Sunset

Red English Sunset

A fantastic red English sunset at the local lake.
© 2013 / Jeremy Hayden Photography

Sometimes it is simply a matter of keeping your eyes open and being at the right spot. Having made the effort to go to the local lake after work, there was little going on. The local interesting bird life seemed to be in hiding, at least from my lens.
I met up with a few people, had a chat, and then we decided the light had gone, so time to go home.
And then the sunset started to develop, leading to the glorious colours in the photo above.

Now here’s a thought for the week ahead:
The sun will set and rise again. If it doesn’t, not much else is important! Think about it.

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Jerry is a grey-haired IT professional with a love of warm beaches, travel, good food, and photography.
Life is a journey - travel, eat well and take a camera.

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