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Brackley Festival of Motorcycling Custom Bikes


Events. Natural or man made. Sometimes I am there with a camera.

Spring flowers and a drop of water

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of images which don’t specially belong to a place or time, so they are not travel or event photos. I was there, with a camera.

Just Photos

Shipley Wharf on the Leeds - Liverpool Canal

Canal View at Shipley Wharf

A view along the Leeds – Liverpool canal, at Shipley Wharf, a short walk from Saltaire. This view has probably been much the same for over a century.

St James Lake Reflections in Brackley

St James Lake in Brackley. Reflections of the trees in the lake, in black and white.

Embarrassed Cat

An embarassed cat. She tried to catch a bird and it turned on her. Now she’s looking very embarassed and unhappy..

An orange butterfly


Life is a journey. As I travel through life I like to take photos. A photo always raises questions – why did the photographer take the photo? What’s the story behind the subject? So that’s

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