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Events. Natural or man made. Sometimes I am there with a camera.

Spring flowers and a drop of water

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of images which don’t specially belong to a place or time, so they are not travel or event photos. I was there, with a camera.

Just Photos

Grey heron in flight at an unusual angle

That Grey Heron

Here’s an unusual angle on a grey heron, just after it took off. I have been trying to catch a decent photo of this guy  for a while, with limited success. Having watched him for

First butterfly of spring

Sunny Spring Sunday

What a beautiful sunny spring Sunday. Spring definitely seems to be here, and the flowers and insects were feeling it too. A good day to get in some practice with the macro lens. What started

Flowers greeting the spring morning sunshine.

Spring Morning

Photos from a warm spring morning in the garden. Great to be able to sit outside with a cup of coffee and a camera.

Blue winged butterfly

Linux and Photos – Hi Performance Low Cost

Once very “techie”, modern Linux offers many effective tools for the computer user, as well as effective phot editing resources.

A pair of Canada geese on the lake.

Spring is Here?

Judging by the behaviour of the Canada geese at the lake is Spring here?

A Flypast of Ducks from The Travels of the Hairy 1

Duck Flypast

I managed to capture a photo of a duck flypast overhead in the morning sun.

A mallard drake duck just touching the water on the lake.

A Duck and Some Luck

A bit of wildlife photography luck, catching a photo of this duck as it touched the water on landing.

Clear view of the lake and blue skies after the UK Storms

Lake after the Storms

  The clear morning air is amazingly “clean” after a stormy night. Blue skies reflected in the lake are always an attractive sight.  

London Eye and New Moon - Travels of the Hairy 1

Why Use THAT Lens

Why use that lens. More often than not the lens is more important than the camera.

Devil in the Bog of Doom

Hell Run

 A walk in the countryside is always good and never to be turned down except, of course, when there is a gale blowing, or it’s raining or snowing. So not many countryside walks happen at

A red and green gecko climbing on some blue glass bottles.

Blue Glass and Gecko

On our kitchen window sill we have a collection of blue bottles. On a summer morning they are very pretty with the sun behind them. We also have a collection of geckos made of wire

Last sunset of 2013

Goodbye 2013

The last sunset of 2013 After a wet and overcast day the clouds parted and nature gave us a decent sunset to end the year.   Happy New Year Everyone

Mud Sweat and Beers Mud Run

Photo Madness

At the finish after 10km. Saturday morning and I was sitting with a cup of coffee, prepping camera gear for the morning’s shoot. I started speculate on the madness of what I was going to

Gulls taking food from the ducks.

Gulls Incoming

I caught this photo at the local lake last weekend. A few people came down to feed the ducks. This caused a scrap between the ducks. And then came the gulls, flying in and just

Photo of pretty red berries catching the midday sun

Natures Gift: Red Berries

Nature’s gift of red berries on a hedge. A photo grabbed on a walk.

Golden autumn leaves on the trees catching the sunset

Autumn Trees

Golden autumn leaves on the trees catching the sunset. Well last week’s storm made short work of those golden leaves. When I visited the lake this morning it is mainly bare branches. Here’s a different

Autumn tsunset tree relections

Autumn Sunset Tree Reflections

autumn color tree reflections in the waters of a lake.

Canada Geese taking off in a blur of feathers.

In a Blur of Feathers

In a Blur of Feathers – Canada Geese Fine Art Photography

Golden autumn sunset on a cloudy day

Golden Autumn Sunset behind the Trees

A golden autumn sunset as the clouds catch the setting sun behind the trees. Winter may follow autumn, but the golds and resd in the plants and sky can make autumn a pretty season.

Fishing at the Lake

Fishing at the Lake

Just a pleasant springtime photo of a man fishing at the lake one Sunday afternoon. The lake is 5 minutes walk from home, so great for a Sunday stroll.

Red English Sunset

Red Sunset

Simplay a beautiful red sunset at the local lake.

Honda Valkyrie Motor

HDR and Motorbike Engines

Love it or hate it, HDR is here to stay as a photographic processing method.

Hog Roast - the pig

Summer’s End 2013

Hog Roast © 2013 hairy1travels.com / Jeremy Hayden Photography Back to school, back to work, end of the summer holidays. Although the British weather seems to be extending

Brackley Motorcycling Festival 2013

2013: The annual Brackley Festival of Motorcycling takes over Brackley town. This annual event always offers some great photo opportunities.

First butterfly of spring

Red Butterflies

Pretty red butterflies on the flowers in my garden.

Hairy 1 Travels. Life is a Journey. Travel. Eat well. Take a Camera

A Pretty Pink Rose for a Monday

So the English heatwave broke over the weekend with a good bit of rain

Reflections in the Canal

Reflections in the Oxford canal one summer evening. We talk a walk in the beautiful weather, and captured some good photos.


Some interesting lighting in amongst these rosebuds.

Photo of a pretty purple clematis flower

Purple Clematis Flower

A Purple Clematis Flower Pretty purple clematis floers have been added to my collection of flower pictures at Artist Website pages. These pictures can be purchased there. For similar pictures, have a look at purple

Beautiful Oxfordshire sunset

Summer Sunset

A beautiful Oxfordshire summer sunset seen while walking along the Oxford Canal. Taken in the warm UK summer of 2013 near Aynho.

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