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Brackley Festival of Motorcycling Custom Bikes


Events. Natural or man made. Sometimes I am there with a camera.

Spring flowers and a drop of water

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of images which don’t specially belong to a place or time, so they are not travel or event photos. I was there, with a camera.

Just Photos

Saturday at the Lake

A great way to chill out on a sunny winter Saturday – with a camera at the lake down the road.

Those Sunrise Photos

Sunrise photos are hard work, but always rewarding (in the end).

Sundowner time on the beach

More Lightweight Camera Thoughts

Thinking about a lightweight camera. Try a lighter DSLR and kit lens.

Poppies, the Tower and Remembrance

The Tower of London Poppies. As you look at this art installation, and we head towards Remembrance Day, remember the people who the poppies represent.

A white goose cleaning its feathers in the sun.

Lens Exercise to Help You Take better Photos

Best done with a prime lens, here’s a little lens exercise to help you use that lens better when you are out with your DSLR. Knowing your gear is important!


Being ready with the camera allowed me to grab these shots of a rainbow, which formed and went quickly in the tail of Hurricane Gonzalo in the UK.

London Eye on the Thames, England

Travel Photography – My Travel Camera

Choosing a good camera for your travel photography can be tricky. Here are my thoughts.

Autumn Leaves and Reflections

Autumn leaves and tree reflections in the lake under a blue sky.

Using High ISO

Taking photos using high ISO. As the light goes simply crank up the ISO? It’s not quite that simple. here’s a bit of work with some high ISO photography.

Photo Exhibition 2014

Adderbury, Deddington & District Annual photo exhibition, 2014

A seagull flying on Tenby Beach

Seagull Flying Low

Love this picture of a seagull flying low on the beach, as seen from a cliff edge.

Sunrise over North Beach in Tenby. There is something special about sitting on the beach in the sunrise on a warm morning.

Beach Sunrise

A beach sunrise, captured on North Beach, Tenby in Pembrokeshire.

Rocks Beach and Sea

The sea – waves breaking over rocks and sand on the beach.

Sailing out in the sunrise

Sunrise Sailing

Sunrise sailing boat in the morning light off Tenby.

Tenby Colours

Tenby Colours – the colours of the boats in the harbour and the buildings above the harbour at Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Hungry Seagull

This noisy scavenging, hungry seagulll let me get very close.

Motorcycle Festival Time

Motorcycle Festival time in Brackley – links and some photos from past festivals.

Action – Kickboxing

A first attempt photographing a kickboxing tournament.

Summer Flowers

A couple of brightly coloured summer flowers. These can be purchased on my photography site.

Reflections in Water

There is always something special about reflections in water. Enjoy these photos.

Upgrade Your Camera

Upgrade your camera – the question is Why?

Stratford River Festival

A day out at the Stratford River Festival – definitely one for next year’s diary.

London - big ben and a bus

London at Night

London at Night – photos from a tour with Photographic Tours at Night.

Beautiful Light on Green Leaves

Green Things

Green things in the garden, with the right light and a bit of rain.

Swan takeoff

Swan Takeoff

Mute swan takeoff photo. Wildlife photos often need a bit of luck, but a bit of prepararation can help make your own luck, as in this swan takeoff picture.

Bluebells in the wood

Bluebells Everywhere

It’s bluebell time in England again, and the woods have bluebells everywhere in a pretty blue carpet.

Brackley Festival of Food 2014

A few photos from the Brackley Festival of Food 2014. This annual event has been running since 2008, and is always worth a visit.

A mallard duck in the morning light reflected in the water of the lake.

Duck Shoot

Last Saturday really looked good for a duck shoot. Golden hour came and went before I surfaced. It was a great sunny day, great for collecting the gear and heading for the local lake to

See the light just right on these orchid flowers.

See the Light

Sometimes you just need to see the light in the right way. Caught the light just right in these photos of white orchid flowers.

Pretty cherry blossom flower catching beautiful evening light.

More Spring Flowers

Flowers in a spring sunset, how the photo was taken and how it was processed.

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