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Events. Natural or man made. Sometimes I am there with a camera.

Spring flowers and a drop of water

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of images which don’t specially belong to a place or time, so they are not travel or event photos. I was there, with a camera.

Just Photos

Photographic Exhibition – 2016 – Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society

Every year in September our photographic club, the Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society holds its annual photographic exhibition. Usually this is a display of work from the last year. Now, our club is non-competitive.

Snapseed: Last Week’s Instagram — In Flow – Re-Blog

Snapseed – an interesting piece of software delivering the ability to process photos on Android. Spotted this excellent picture and had to re-blog it.

Flying inverted on a motorcycle

Flying Inverted

He’s flying inverted. On a motorcycle. Doing a loop at about 15 metres. Crazy motorcycle stuntman giving a show in mid-air.

Dundee Sunset

An incredible sunset taken many years ago in Dundee, South Africa. Shot this originally on transparency film, but it was on that had to be scanned. This was one of those times when I went

The River avon at the Stratford River Festival 2016 in Stratford-upon-Avon

River Festival

As we drove in, queueing for parking, objective number one was clearly in sight – the Jabberwocky’s green van. But we knew before we left home how that would go: brunch split between one of

Hedgehog in the Garden

A hedgehog in the garden paying us a visit. It’s unusual to see a healthy looking hedgehog in the garden when it is still light. The camera was ready!

Round Beach Towel - Magaruque sailboat

Round Beach Towel

All the rage for summer 2016 – a round beach towel. These beach towels feature unique pictures from exotic beaches and local beaches.

Interestin colours in the sea as the tide gouse out at Vilanculos.

Colours of the Low Tide in Vilanculos

Colours of the low tide showing the deep channels in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique.

Beach and more beach at low tide on Bazaruto Island

Beach and More Beach

A beach at Bazaruto Island off the Mozambique Coast seems to go on and on.

Ripples in the sand on the beach at low tide - Bazaruto island.

Ripples in the Sand

Ripples in the Sand on a Bazaruto Island beach after the tide has gone out.

Crab in the Surf at Magaruque.

Crab in the Surf

A crab in the surf on Magaruque Island in the Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.

Clouds and Sea - Bazaruto, Mozambique

Some Desert Island Photography

Here’s a bit of desert island photography. These two shots make me think of a desert island, with a big empty beach and the sea on the horizon. Actually the

First and Last Sunrise - Vilanculos, Mozambique

First and Last Sunrise

A sea view is a big plus for holiday accomodation. A sea view with a sunrise is fantastic.

A defensive crab on a beach at Bazaruto in Mozambique.

Crab on the Beach

A very defensive crab on a Bazaruto beach.

Kudu with nice horns in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Kudu in Hwange

Kudu bulls drinking at a waterhole in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. from my photo archives.

Happy Cat

A happy cat. Happy that, as the weather cools down, she has found a warm lap.

Autumn roses - pretty pink roses

Autumn Roses

Autumn roses and autumn colours

Autumn Flowers

It’s autumn and the leaves are turning to yellow and gold. We took a walk in a London garden and found these beautiful autumn flowers.

Let's travel along this railway.

The Camera in Your Hand

The best camera for the job is the camera in your hand.

Orchid in Black and White

Monochrome Orchid

A monochrome orchid. Sometimes even pretty coloured flowers look good in black and white.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 2015

Motorcycles take over the town for the annual Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. A great opportunity for bikers young and old to come together and have fun.

Masts in the sunset at Oia in Santorini

Flickr Explore!

My photo reached position 128 on Flickr Explore! I am not a regular Flickr user, so quite surprised at the popularity of the photo.

2015 Stratfor-upon-Avon River Festival

Stratford River Festival 2015

The Stratford River Festival 2015. A nice annual event held in Straford-upon-Avon.

Catching Up

Nearly 3 months since the last up date to this blog. It has been a busy three months, with much happening like training, building and a holiday trip. The picture above is a hint.

Solar Eclipse 2015

The English weather cleared just enough to give me a view of the solar eclipse 2015.

Changing Light on an Orchid

A pair of photos, taken less than 2 minutes apart, showing the difference in the light which a hole in a cloud makes.

Spring is Here – I Think!

With the crazy climate change weather, this little patch of grass soon tells us it is spring.

One tree under a cloudy sky

Just One Tree

Just one tree. In a field on a farm. And it makes an interesting black and white composition, with its twisted branches rising into a cloudy sky.

A Frosty Start but No Snow

No Snow

No snow. No winter photos. But we have to keep on shooting.

Birthday Party

Party photos can be a challenge, especially at a birthday party, and especially whien they are outside your photographic comfort zone.

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