Round Beach Towel

Now there’s something I hadn’t seen before: a ROUND beach towel. More to the point a round beach towel with a beautiful photo printed on it.
Along with a bunch of other beach gear they are available now from my prints on demand site.

60 inches wide, these are high quality products delivered by Fine Art America. They are made of a plush micro-fibre with a 100% cotton backing. Great for picnics, a day on the beach or just chilling at home.

Best of all you will stand out with a round beach towel, especially as the pictures are unique.

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Round beach towel - Brook Bay chalk cliffsRound Beach Towel - Crab on the BeachRound Beach Towel desorated Pebbles on the BeachSeashell sand and sunlight - round beach towelRound Beach Towel - Magaruque sailboat
Tenby colours. The many colours of the buildings contrast with the colours of the boats in the harbour.

Tenby Colours

Tenby colours never cease to amaze me. Walk down many of the streets in the “old” (or tourist oriented!) Tenby and the visitor will see the many shades of pink, blues and yellows which have been used  to paint the buildings. It’s a pretty place to visit.

A sunrise walk on Tenby North Beach at low tide makes access to the harbour easy. The photo at the top of this page was taken soon after sunrise with the tide not fully out. The bright colours of the boats look great against the old stone buildings of the harbour and the coloured buildings above.

On a cloudy morning, these are the colours of the Tenby Harbour.

The colours of Tenby on the harbour are a classic photo on many a calendar. Here’s one I captured on my last visit, again taken soon after sunrise, but from a higher viewpoint.

If you haven’t read my previous posts, Tenby is a popular summer holiday destination in Pembrokeshire in Wales, UK.

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Beautiful Light on Green Leaves

Green Things

Beautiful Light on these Green Leaves. Buy this print.

It’s spring and there are lots of green things around. A bit of rain and the right light through the clouds  does wonders for a few interesting photos.

The green leaf is a new leaf on a strawberry plant which has just caught a bit of rain. the focus was carefully adjusted to keep the background out of focus with just one leaf left sharp. I just like the way the leaf glows in the afternoon light.

The hydrangea, below, is interesting. As the petals get older they go from pink to green. Here they have had a bit of rain and sun.

How to Take the Photo

The first part is to see the effect of the light on the leaves and water. A wide aperture narrows the depth of field to throw the background out of focus as much as possible, being careful to keep all of the details sharp. These were both shot handheld. Sometimes you will need a high ISO, or, even better, a tripod to capture natural light photos like this.

Interested in natural light photography? You might want to try this e-book from the Digital Photography School

Green things - strawberry leaves


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Canal View - A timeless view along the Leed - Liverpool Canal at Shipley Wharf.

Canal View at Shipley Wharf

At the end of the 19th century the view along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal would probably be a lot more smoggy, with smoke coming from the chimneys and more narrow boats going about the serious business of transporting goods for sale. Otherwise it may well have looked much like this.

On a business trip with a colleague, we found ourselves staying in Shipley, right opposite the Shipley Wharf. A summer’s evening offered a great opportunity for a walk along the canal to Saltaire and back.

In the mid-19th century Sir Titus Salt developed the area, to consolidate his textile production, by establishing Saltaire Mill, with a village to house his workers. His legacy, now offices and a museum next to the River Aire makes an interesting spot to walk and research.

All Over the UK

Canal views like this exist all over the UK. In the cities and towns there are many sights like this, where the narrow boats used to tie up to load and unload freight.

Today the narrow boats and canals form a leisure activity with many spots featuring pubs and other attractions, like the Camden Lock.

As the canals move through the countryside, they make for some pretty photos, like these on the Oxford Canal.

Just head out and take a walk along the canals!

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St James Lake, Brackley. Buy a print.

St James Lake Reflections in Brackley

St James Lake, Brackley.
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 St James Lake Reflections in Brackley

 Having a pretty little lake a few minutes walk from home is a mixed blessing.

On the one hand it’s a great place to take a walk to get a bit of exercise and blow away the stresses of the day. Taking a camera just adds to the pleasure as it is a pretty spot. On the other hand it starts to take over the photographic efforts. Some days it is much easier to take the camera for a walk around the lake when I should be making a bit more effort to get some more adventurous pictures.

The shot above is St James Lake in Brackley, Northamptonshire. It is a nice little spot wedged in between the local Tesco and the A422 trunk road. Featuring a few geese of various kinds, the lake also plays host to the occasional swan visitors and normally has a grey heron around.

St James Lake is actually a flood protection lake designed to protect the lower parts of the town. In fact, a few years ago, it was totally flooded out after heavy rains.


A good range of tones and some bold shapes will often make a good black and white shot. This shot is a black and white HDR photo generated from a single RAW and finished in Gimp. The HDR processing just adds a bit of detail to the shot.

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