Sunrise in Leeds while on a business trip.

Sunrise in Leeds

Business trips are not always the best for catching good photos, though I have had a few good shots on work trips away. Here I had a hotel room with a balcony facing the right way. Though wintry and cool it was not cold enough to stop me catching this sunrise in Leeds.

At the end of October the timing of the sunrise is also great – no effort needed, simply get out of bed and take photos.

Sunrise in Leeds at the Mercure Parkway hotel.
The sunrise light is looking great on the autumn colours in some of the vegetation.

Sunrise in Leeds Photo Notes

The power of the phone camera! And a bit of Snapseed. These were all taken using night mode on a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. A little of cropping a tweaking in Snapseed brought them to life.

While the raw images from my TZ100 Or DSLR may arguably produce technically better images, which will make better prints, the Mate 10 delivers great shots, very quickly ready to use online.

Sunrise in Leeds - subtle colours looking behind the sunrise.
When taking a sunrise or sunset shot in cludy weather always looik to the other side of the sky. The colours in the clouds were subtle.

Location: Mercure Leeds Parkway Hotel

The Mercure Leeds Parkway Hotel is my normal choice of accommodation when up in Leeds. It is a very convenient hotel for local businesses, as well as a few local attrractions, and is only two miles from the Leeds Bradford International Airport.

With most of the modern conveniences one would expect from a modern hotel, the Brasserie has always delivered a good meal when I have been there. Certainly the best of the local hotels which I have tried.

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A beach at Akrotiri in Santorini, Greece

Gallery Updates

On the beach at Akrotiri, looking towards Akrotiri itself.

Gallery Updates and Improvements

Sometimes a bit of housekeeping is necessary. It has been a while, so there have been no new posts for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you will see some improvements in this site’s performance.

Beach on Magaruque Island, Mozambique, at low tide.Some may have noticed some changes to the Home Page.

A Kudu Bull profile, in Hawange National Park, ZimbabweTake a look though. The galleries have had an update and have an improved look:

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Pretty Urban Rainbow

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It’s a pretty urban rainbow, spotted as we arrived home, and captured on my trusty Samsung Note 4 mobile phone.
Actually the light was pushing the phone to the limit. A bit of processing in Snapseed on the phone helped, though it’s still much noisier than I would have liked. It’s actually a good example of a picture that looks good on the mobile phone but not so good on the computer screen. Oh well – should have carried a camera! At least I got the shot!
Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens

The Snowdrops are Out

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens,Brackley, UK

Snowdrops in Evenley Wood Gardens on the opening day of 2017
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There we were, sitting enjoying Saturday brunch. Remarkably, given the recent gloomy, cold overcast weather, the sun came out. We decided a walk in the woods was good idea. I have to say that the African in me balked a bit at going outside in cold with no rugby to watch!
Evenley Wood Garden is one of those places. Pretty, a nice spot to be in, but it's less than 3 miles away, so you never go there. A quick check on the Internet showed that Saturday was Evenley's opening day for 2017. And the snowdrops were out.
After the wet weather the gardens are a bit muddy and slippery. As it is early in the season there are not many flowers to see, but it is still a lovely spot to take an afternoon walk. A few people seemed to agree, as we were not the only ones there.
An excellent cup of coffee and some cake topped off the afternoon in the little tea room.
Evenley Wood Gardens is definitely a spot we will be visiting again. Especially as the flowers bloom. And we saw the snowdrops!


Flower Photography

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These two pictures were taken with the Samsung Note 4 and processed in Snapseed. More to come once I edit the DSLR shots.

Check out the Samsung Note 5 on Amazon.

A Walk in Evenley Wood Gardens

A cool day in February, but the sun came out and made it a cool but pleasant day.
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That was 2016

2016 Highlights

2016 Highlights. Somehow it’s always easy to remember the plans that went wrong, and the tough parts. Bute here are the highlights of our 2016 year of new travel and interesting places.



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After spending New Year’s eve on a beach at beautiful Magaruque Island, we saw 2016 in on the beach at Vilanculos.
Don’t forget to have a look at the artwork from the Vilanculos trip on


With many work commitments and changes we decided to take a little early March break. We found Nerja, with its interesting town and great beaches in the Mediterranean sun.


Umhlanga Rocks viewed from the beach towards Durban

A view along the beach towards Umhlanga Rocks. The lighthouse is visible to the right of the tower blocks, largely holiday accommodation.
Photos from our Durban Trip, 2016.

Our big trip of the year, which actually has a long story attached, which will be told before too long, was our trip to Durban in South Africa.

The UK

While it’s easy to think of the big trips and escapes, there’s been a lot happening back home.

Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival

This has become an annual favourite. Next year needs to be a night or two away.

Held on the banks of the River Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon this really is a great day out, with boat trips, good food and some music worth staying for.




Brackley Festival of Motorcycling

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling Custom BikesThe annual Brackley festival which brings thousands of motorcycles and leather clad riders to little Brackley.

This year seemed a bit of more of the same from previous years, with many of the same bikes on track. Nevertheless fun for a few hours.




Photo Shoots

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As a club we had a couple of interesting photo shoots at the local lake and at the iconic Chesterton Windmill.





Birmingham German Market

Street DecorationOur little city break “up the road” in Birmingham for the Frankfurt German Market as Christmas got nearer.






A interesting year where my own photography was concerned. Not very productive in terms of photos. Various aspects of our travels forced me to make more use of my mobile phone, building confidence but highlighting the limitations of mobile phone photography. If we are going to travel as we plan to, I will need some lighter and less obtrusive gear – more on that next year.

Heading for 2017

2017 seems to be developing into a lot of UK travel We are expecting guests who have never seen the UK – that could be fun!

There will be a “big” trip later in the year – probably South Africa again.

Other than that, who knows.

Happy New Year from the Hairy 1.