Mud, sweat and beers, Adstone.

Photo Madness

At the finish after 10km.

Saturday morning and I was sitting with a cup of coffee, prepping camera gear for the morning’s shoot. I started speculate on the madness of what I was going to shoot – a bunch of people running 10 km through various obstacles including mud and water on a cold and windy day. Personally that’s an activity I have no inclination to engage in.
At that point the sunrise started to paint the patchy clouds outside. A golden hour! Time to take the camera to the local lake and see what I could point a lens at.
Which raised the question: is it any madder to do a mud run or to spend a couple of hours in the cold and windy morning light at the local lake with a camera?
One way or another I didn’t go to the lake, but did get a couple of shots of the family members “enjoying” themselves in the mud.
The occasion was the Mud, Sweat and Beer mud run at Adstone. It was a fairly good turn out, I believe, for a newish event.

n obstacle with no mud.
Mud, sweat and beer, Adstone

Crawling out from under the net.



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