summertime - a busy bee in a flower

Summertime – Flowers and Bees

Summertime. In the countryside. On a sunny day. Just sit back and listen to the buzzing of the bees as the flit from flower to flower collections pollen. I was there with my camera...

Swan takeoff

Swan Takeoff

Mute swan takeoff photo. Wildlife photos often need a bit of luck, but a bit of prepararation can help make your own luck, as in this swan takeoff picture.

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A mallard duck in the morning light reflected in the water of the lake.

Duck Shoot

Last Saturday really looked good for a duck shoot. Golden hour came and went before I surfaced. It was a great sunny day, great for collecting the gear and heading for the local lake Read […]

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See the light just right on these orchid flowers.

See the Light

Sometimes you just need to see the light in the right way. Caught the light just right in these photos of white orchid flowers.

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Grey heron in flight at an unusual angle

That Grey Heron

Here’s an unusual angle on a grey heron, just after it took off. I have been trying to catch a decent photo of this guy¬† for a while, with limited success. Having watched him for […]

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First butterfly of spring

Sunny Spring Sunday

What a beautiful sunny spring Sunday. Spring definitely seems to be here, and the flowers and insects were feeling it too. A good day to get in some practice with the macro lens. What started […]

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