First braai of the year. Maybe it's spring.

Maybe It’s Spring – First Braai of the Year

A bit of English sun and it’s time for a braai. Who knows whether it’s winter or spring?
Who cares?

A good selection of meat on the fire with some homemade boerewors in the middle.

And, of course, we’re wearing shorts and T-shirts, with a beer in hand.


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Jerry is a grey-haired IT professional with a love of warm beaches, travel, good food, and photography.
Life is a journey - travel, eat well and take a camera.


  1. An Englishman sustaining a Boer tradition? How cosmopolitan! And so, where and when did you have your first braai?

    Our first was in 1995, at a friend’s Cape Town home. Our most memorable was a few years later, at a remote small holding, northeast of Jo’burg: barbed wire, guns, guard dogs, and most welcoming hosts, despite looking as fearsome as the environment.

    The weather here, in central Pennsylvania, is still not going to let us barbecue for a while, however. The grill has about a 4″ ice cap today, with no melting in sight.

    • Not quite. We are Zimbabwean but have lived the UK for about 15 years.

      I grew up with the braai as part of life. I recall many memorable braais in Bush camps, on beaches and around the pool at home. Hard to beat sitting around a fire in the Bush with a few beers and good company.

      Although it’s been cold we have had little in the way of snow or ice. Today was a record high temperature in parts of the UK, for February. The weekend was sunny and warm, so we had to make the best of it. Even had some mealie meal to make sadza – a Zimbabwean staple which goes well with the braai.

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