Kitesurfing at Umhlanga, near Durban, in kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Kitesurfing at Umhlanga

These guys went surfing in the morning at Umhlanga. They are somewhere in the surf and going strong, but the kitesurfers are hidden between the waves. The sea is very pretty, but big and rough. I stepped in to get my feet wet and nearly went surfing myself!

The ship is either at anchor, or has left the harbour in Durban, which is off picture to the right.

This numbers amongst one of my favourites from our 2016 Durban trip, though I am biased as those south coast beaches are among my favourite places to visit.

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Call us silver surfers or empty nesters if you will. Our kids call us hippies. Our friends just accept us as we are.
Juggling jobs and travels, eating good food, and taking photos. We are living our lives our way. Life is a journey!

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