Hunting a Heron

Grey Heron catching fish.

A grey heron catching his breakfast.
© 2013
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There’s been a grey heron hanging around Brackley’s St James Lake for a while now. All of my efforts to take a photo have so far proved reasonably fruitless. The excellent weather this morning seemed like a good opportunity to take the camera for a walk and down the elusive grey heron.

Grey Heron in Flight

The first Heron leaving.
© 2013

Well, this morning’s visit proved to be a bit more productive. First off, I grabbed a shot or two of the heron, until he flew away. At which point I realised that there were in fact two of them! The (second) grey heron and I sat and stared at each other for a while. Eventually his need for breakfast caused him to reach into the water and grab a fish, providing me with the shot above.


white goose in flight

A white goose flying past.
© 2013

Of course the time waiting for the grey heron to move was not wasted. Although I missed the landing of a flock of Canada geese, a white goose just happened to fly by.


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