Hell Run

Devil in the Bog of Doom

A devil making his way through the Bog of Doom.

 A walk in the countryside is always good and never to be turned down except, of course, when there is a gale blowing, or it’s raining or snowing. So not many countryside walks happen at this time of the year, especially in the current winter weather in the UK. A run is always something someone else does (in my life anyway). A 10 miler in England in January, which includes a walk through neck deep water, is aptly described as a Hell Run.

And so it was that we arrived at Longmoor camp in Hampshire on a cold and rainy Saturday morning in January. A few members of my family were entering the run. At this point the photography hit a problem – lack of a camera raincoat, which normally takes the form of a showercap with a hole in it and elastic bands to attach it to the lens. The photography budget doesn’t currently include weather proof professional camera gear. Fortunately an important part of the camera gear is a large chamois which had to suffice. So photos did get taken, albeit with a bit of caution.

Without knowing the terrain it was hard to know where to look for good pictures. The little puddle, known as the Bog of Doom, which the runners needed to walk or swim through, seemed a good place to capture some action.

Entrance to the Bog of Doom

Entrance to the Bog of Doom

Everybody seems to have enjoyed the run, with a few opting out along the way.

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Jumping into the Bog of Doom

Runners queuing up to jump into the Bog of Doom

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