Gone to the beach.
Gone to the beach.

Get Planning to head to the Beach in 2018

It’s a survival thing. As the cold of winter settles in, we have to focus on something far warmer and more exciting.

How can we be “gone to the beach” in 2018?

I can think of a number of beaches I would like to visit in 2018. And I do know at least two will be in the plan for this year. And one I will not have been to before. Even a plan for a 2019 beach trip!

So we have to think positive, and start planning. Flights, accomodation, food, spending money. Make the list and get searching.

Now can be a good time to book, with many sales and cut-price deals to be had. With a tendency to head towards southern Africa, we have noticed prices can be a bit lower in the first half of the year, especially if you can travel before the school holidays.

Have a look at Tripadvisors view of 2018 beach holidays.

Gone to the Beach

Will you be able to say I’ve “gone to the beach” this year?

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