The Photo Gallery

Just Photos. Flowers, birds, butterflies, people. These are the photos which are not fixed to a place. Just a matter of being there with a camera and seeing something interesting.

Red English Sunset


Beautiful sunset photos. They can be y=tricky in some places, but a good sunset photo is always good to add to my travel photo collection.
Red Butterfly

Spring 2014 Collection

As winter ends and life moves into Spring, it is a great time to take photos.

Sunrise and Sunset Photo Galleries

Sometimes you see it, sometimes it's spectacular, but there's always a sunrise and sunset. Look at these fabulous sunrise and sunset galleries.

People Photography

While people photography is not my favourite form of the photographic art, I do shoot the odd party or wedding.
Grey Heron catching fish.


Creatures can be the little insects or big elephants, but they are all part of nature and interesting to photograph.

Spring Photos

As spring arrives, suddenly the world starts to turn fresh and green. Th geese and ducks on the lake become more active and the swans arrive. It's a great time to capture some spring photos.


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