Green head of a mallard duck in the sun

Duck Shoot

Last Saturday really looked good for a duck shoot. Golden hour came and went before I surfaced. It was a great sunny day, great for collecting the gear and heading for the local lake to shoot a duck or two, and perhaps a goose. As expected the ducks and geese were on the water and active. The warm sun was too good to be charging around looking for targets, so it was great to simply sit in the sun with a long lens and shoot whatever made a good looking picture. The results are in the show below.    

Photography Tech

All were shot with a Canon EOS 450D at ISO400, using a Sigma 70-300 APO lens set at 263 - 300mm (roughly 420 to 480mm, 35mm equivalent). All of the photos were taken hand held with the shutter speed maintained faster than 1/500s. Processing was applied as appropriate using XnView, RawTherapee and GIMP.

A Bit of Light Reading

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Jerry is a grey-haired IT professional with a love of warm beaches, travel, good food, and photography.
Life is a journey - travel, eat well and take a camera.

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