Coffee Time

First recorded in Yemen in the 15th century, but with possible uses as early as the 8th or 9th century in Ethiopia, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

I have long been a coffee drinker, enjoying the taste of coffee in most of the many forms in which it is served.

Nothing like a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee to start the day. Especially when it’s made with freshly hand ground beans.

And, of course, I start and end the day with coffee served in one of “my” mugs. My photos from our travels, printed on a mug.

Espresso Coffee with Bretts Own Brews in the Crazy Summer of 2019

Crazy Summer of 2019 – One To Remember

Summer of 2019 was crazy. Working with BoB’s coffe rook us to places we wouldn’t normally have gone. Music, mud and rain and fun. And work.

Fun on the High Street at the Brackley Soap Box derby

Brackley Soap Box Derby

June 2nd saw the annual Brackley Soap Box Derby taking place. A great excuse for young and old to have a bit of fun, with a great turn out.

Bretts Own Brews at Holistic Harborough

Coffee at Holistic Harborough

We tag along with Bretts Own Brews’ “Betty” mobile coffee shop at Holistic Harborough in The Square at Market Harborough.

Just coffee and good food across 3 UK counties on a day trip

Coffee and Good Food – A 3 County Saturday

Call it a tour of the neighbourhood. It started out as a quick drive to check out a bakery and have some coffee. It ended up as a three county tour, featuring coffee and…

Coffe and black ops - strong coffee on

Caught My Eye: Coffee and Black Ops

Coffee and Black Ops. Love a GOOD cup of coffee to start the day, especially filtered. But a coffee called Black Ops does worry me a bit!

Golden Coffee Mug - Vilankulos Sunrise on a Coffee Mug

Golden Coffee Mug

A Golden Coffee Mug On Holiday in Mozambique. It’s Christmas and I have my camera (why wouldn’t I?). There’s just one problem. The sun rises at 4:30 a.m. I didn’t make too many morning…