Now It's 2019. In Trafalgar Square. At Night.

And Now It’s 2019

And now it’s 2019! 2018 is gone – that was quick! After a tumultuous year I stopped posting anything for a while. Took a blogging holiday! Now I am back!

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A green leaf close up

Green Leaves

Just leafing through some old photos (couldn’t resist that!) I came across these two photos of green leaves, taken at different times and places. The top one was a hand held macro (Canon EOS 450D, […]

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Brackley Poppies

What a fantastic effort. Brackley’s recently refurbished town hall, adorned with 10,425 poppies crocheted by local residents in preparation for Remembrance Day, 2018.

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Boats in the Brighton Marina

Quick Stop Brighton

Heading from robertsbridge by a different route (doing a bit of exploring) we decided to stop and see the Brighton Marina, and have a bite to eat.

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Coloured Buildings in tenby, Pembrokeshire

Caught My Eye – Destinations

Summer. And this year it’s a good hot summer in the UK. For us it’s a time to think about our next destination and do some planning and research. We don’t have to worry about […]

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