Looking over the Glanmire Valley towards Cork, under a full moon.

After the Party Glanmire Under a Full Moon

The Airbnb where we we staying in Glanmire (Cork in Ireland) was in a beautiful spot looking over the Glanmire Valley. We had gone to Cork for a friend’s landmark birthday party.

Like all good birthday parties it finished late. As we arrived at the Airbnb we were greeted with this view, under a full moon, looking towards Cork. Despite a little vodka I was able to grab the shot.

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St Colmans Cathedral dominates the skyline at Cobh in Ireland as we approach across Cork Harbour.

St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland

St Colman’s Cathedral totally dominates the skyline in Cobh, in Ireland.

We recently visited Cork in Ireland for a long wekend. On our last visit, some years ago, we explored Kinsale and Charles Fort. This time we decided to investigate the little town of Cobh (pronounced like Cove).

Located on the Great Island in Cork Harbour, the town is a fascinating place with some interesting history. Actually we found it interesting enough to visit two days in a row. After all it’s only 20 minutes drive from Glanmire, where we stayed.

While we were there we visited Spike Island (more to come on that trip). As we returned across Cork Harbour, this view of Cobh greeted us, with the town dominated by St Colman’s Cathedral.

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Golden hour Reflections in Camden Lock whilw we have a drink and a bite to eat.

Camden Lock Reflections in the Canal

Golden hour reflections in the canal at Camden Lock.

We had spent a few hours exploring Camden Market. Time to have a drink and a bite to eat before starting the trip home on underground and train.

Actually we have done this a number of times while visiting camden. It’s a good way to end a day trip to London.

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Sunrise over the Indian Ocean at Umdloti, near Durban in Kwa Zulu-Natal in South Africa.

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean.
Seen on our 2017 trip to South Africa, from the beach at Umdloti.
The sea mist makes shadows of the ships as the sun rises out of the sea.

The dawn view of the sun creeping out of the sea is one I can never get tired of.

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Marylebone Station entrance, London

Marylebone Station

That’s the entrance to Marylebone Station from London, taking you out to Aylesbury and the surrounding area, or as far as Snow Hill in Birmingham.

Travelling via Bicester or Banbury we normally arrive in and depart from London via Marylebone, so we know the station pretty well. From Marylebone the underground delivers us quickly to the middle of London via the Bakerloo line. On a good day it can be almost quicker to walk to nearby Baker Street station, especially if we want to pick up an underground line other than Bakerloo.

Marylebone Station – A Bit of History

Marylebone opened in 1899 as the London terminus for the Great Central Main Line. In 1993, after problems and a threat of closure, it became the terminus for the Chiltern Main Line, run by Chiltern Railways.

Marylebone is the smallest and quietest of the London stations, though it does handle a growing amount of commuter traffic as towns to the North grow. Rush hour trains are frequently full.

Read more on the Wikipedia page.

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Working parts of a beautiful old steam traction engine.

Steam Traction Engine – A Bit of the Past in Yorkshire

I spotted this beautiful old, obviously restored, steam traction engine at the BBC Countryfile Live show at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. These big old machines are fascinating, especially when compared to modern machinery.

The badge and logo on the engine show that Marshal Sons & Co., produced the original engine. This company traces its roots back to 1848 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Into the 20th century, Marshall Sons & Co became involved in the production of steam traction engines. They also produced other types of steam engines, eventually moving to internal combustion engine based tractors and all kinds of industrial equipment. At one point they even produced an aeroplane!

Thresher being driven by a steam engine

The steam traction engine belt drive is running a thresher, apparently produced by William Foster & Co. That’s another Lincolnshire company with its roots in the 19th Century. William Foster also produced tanks during and after the First World War.

A steam Traction engine at Howard Castle - BBC Countryfile Live

The two companies I have mentioned here eventually merged with bigger organisations. Their names disappeared over time, except on historic machines like this tractor and thresher.

Modern farming equipment may be impressive but the glamour and beauty of these old machines remains.

A Steam Engine Pin for your boards