Blue Skies and a Beach

Blue Skies and Beach on a saturday morning

Enjoying the Beach on a Saturday morning.

Snow flurries. Frozen windscreens in the morning. Grey skies for days. A sure cure for all of this English weather is to remember blue skies on the beach and start planning the next little to more blue skies. Don’t know where or when. But it will be soon.

These photos were taken at Ballito, on the North Coast of South Africa. Of course, it’s one of life’s guarantees. When a beach holiday is all cloudy weather, the last morning when you are heading for the airport is all clear skies and sunshine😑 That’s when I took these.
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Blue Skies and sea

Blue skies and sea at ballito, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Wishing for a warm and sunny #beach. Here’s one from #kwazulunatal last year.
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Blue Skies and Sea Photography

These were both taken on my mobile phone (Samsung Note 4). The bottom one was processed in Snapseed using one of Snapseed’s filter. I’m not sure about the noisy sky, but I do like the effect.

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